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Privacy Policy

A donation portal is provided through our website for our department and project staff for their fundraising efforts. Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, Inc. is a fully registered nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization (since 1973); therefore, your donation is completely tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for all your contributions for tax purposes. 

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, Inc. only collects information pertinent to the contributions made by individuals. The information collected is used solely for our in-house accounting and communication procedures between the donor and our office as well as the donor and the department or project they support financially. 

No information is sold or given to a third party. 

All donors are added by default to our organization's mailing list. Periodically, news, highlights, and event opportunities are communicated to our constituency. The donor may choose to Opt-Outat any time. 

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