Worship Plus understands that any successful worship program should be Christ-centered. Executive Director, Rev. Timothy J. Mercaldo has developed an understanding of what it takes to build up worship teams and programs that exist to glorify God and further His Kingdom.

Our services include:

  • Consulting to Strengthen Worship Team
  • Worship Team Discipleship
  • Worship/Arts Pastor Placement
  • Interim Worship Leader
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Inspirational Christian Concerts
  • Holiday Outreach Productions (Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Patriotic)

Rev. Timothy J. Mercaldo

Rev. Timothy J. Mercaldo has been an ordained Christian minister for the past thirty-four years. Twenty-nine of those years have been spent specifically in worship ministry. Tim has had the privilege of ministering in the American evangelical context of every facet indigenous to the local church.

From early childhood, music was a passion of Tim’s that led to singing and playing piano with both formal and informal training. Worship was always front and center in his personal life and found its expression vocally with self-accompaniment. It was no surprise that after graduating with a degree in Theology/Greek, Worship and Music ministry was the centerpiece of Tim’s early years in the local church.

During his years of full-time ministry there was a constant focus on how to reach the “the lost” in the church’s community. Tim founded a 501(c)(3) which existed to inspire and impact the Greater New York area through arts, sports and educational programs, and events. Since the early 1980’s, Tim has produced holiday productions and outreach concerts, as well as performed at various institutions and secular events within communities—both nationally and internationally.

Whether hands-on or helping to find the “right fit” for ministry personnel, Tim is ultimately passionate to see the local church flourish and further the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Timothy J. Mercaldo | Worship+

Cell: 929-202-1529 • Email: info@worshipplus.org

Mail: 1507 Thompson’s Station Rd. W., PO Box 118, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179

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"Rev. Tim Mercaldo was meticulous in his observation, teaching, and consultation with our worship team. He went above and beyond, attending practices and services, and meeting with each member of the team. Most importantly, he was a catalyst in helping our worship leaders seek the Lord wholeheartedly and worship in sp and in truth each Sunday."

— Tom Campisi, Elder at CCC & Editor of The Tri-State Voice


Worship Plus exists to equip the local church to worship in spirit and in truth. It is our goal to never tell a church, "no" due to financial restrictions. This can't happen without the help of our partners. Worship Plus is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and all gifts are tax deductible.
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1507 Thompson’s Station Road W., PO Box 118, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179


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